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Receiver Accessories

 Bias Tee  (DC inserter)

Model  T4010  (BNC)
Model  T4010N  (N)
Model  T4010T  (TNC)
Bias-Tee (DC Inserter) VHF-UHF

The model T4010 is a broad-band high performance "Bias-Tee". It is designed to supply DC power to a remote device, such as a pre-amplifier, via the coaxial cable
This "Bias-Tee" (also known as a DC Inserter) features precision micro-strip line construction with select components to enhance its VHF and UHF performance. The unit may be used with any remote device that is designed to receive DC operating power via the coaxial cable. It is housed in a cast aluminum enclosure for ruggedness and high reliability.

General Specifications
RF Insertion Loss:   < 1 dB @ 500 MHz
Frequency Range:   25 MHz to 1.5 GHz (nominal BNC connectors)
Frequency Range:   25 MHz to 2.5 GHz (nominal N-type connectors)

Return Loss:   > 20 dB
Impedance:   50 Ohms (In/Out)
Connectors:   BNC (female)
Optional Connectors:  N-Type (female),  TNC

DC Pass Voltage:   50 Volts (max)
DC Pass Current:  450 mA (max)
Enclosure: Cast Aluminum with black powder coating (standard)
DC Power Jack:  5.5mm/2.1mm (matching plug supplied)
DC Power Jack, Option 1:  BNC connector
DC Power connection, Option 2:  EMI/RFI Ceramic Feed-thru with ground lug

Additional Performance Data

Price: $100.00 each (BNC)
Price: $115.00 each (N)
Price: $115.00 each (TNC)
Ceramic Feed-thru option: $15.00 per unit

Sales & Order Information

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Connector Options

Note: Coaxial interconnect cables are available. RG-58A/U with BNC male connectors, sweep tested to 1.5 GHz. Please refer to price list.

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